Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mangi Bene Review #1

So far on my "eater" vacation, I have hung out with many of my foodie friends. Karna, Page, Dixie, Jasmin and Fuchsia. I hope to catch up with Dahlia at some point. I have been to 3 different restaurants.

The first restaurant I went to was Mangi Bene. . With RCSC.

I used to love this place. I was disappointed by my meal. I like the carbonated water they served with oranges in it. I always hope they wash the oranges before they plop them in the water. Karna was kind enough to buy us an appetizer deep fried calamari. It was rubbery. It felt like I was chewing on a car tire, but I have to say the fry batter was light and bubbly. The owner was very personable.  He was flirting with Dixie. He did not charge for the calamari. I could see why. Really I think he was trying to impress Dixie.  My dinner was Ok. I had the Turtei di zucca. Home made ravioli  filled with roasted butternut squash & ricotta cheese.  I had half and half topping. Cream sauce on one half (3 raviolis) and browned butter and sage with Parmesan cheese on the other half. When my plate arrived the food was slightly warm. Karna said the butternut squarish was mushy. I agreed. So the texture was ok. The sauce was bland. The Parmesan cheese seemed as if  it was from a plastic green jar you buy at Safeway. For dessert I had Torta della Nonna - "a slice of pie with short pastry and lemon flavored cream, decorated with pine nuts and almonds. Served with zabaglione souse. This was the best and worst of my meal. The lemon pie filling tasted like cake flour. It was the worst dessert I have had in a long time. There were no pine nuts or almonds. The zbaglone sause was good. I should of poured that over my raviolis. If I had to review this restaurant in one word it would be "uneventful."
As usual I had a blast with my friends. Karna had me laughing so hard I embarrassed myself. 

I think Karna, Page and Dixie should comment below and write there own review, to balance mine because I am very picky.

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KARNA said...

I had the half and half sauces on the same pasta....i only liked the browned butter sauce as the cream sauce was very bland. I like the carbonated water and do the same thing, WONDER if they washed the fruit rinds before they tossed them as to flirting...there will always be flirting when dixie is around and quite obviously the owner was VERY smitten with her. I agree it got us the calamari, but I added it to my tip so he wasn't out anything :). I always wish italian restaurants had a wee salad to go with the pasta choices, so that is negative also, BUT i LOVED LOVED LOVED my dessert teramisu, which the owner highly recommended, was EVERYTHING he promised! Can't wait til the RCSC meets again!!!