Saturday, April 16, 2011

Paint it Black

From the great Theologians The Rolling Stones:

"I see my red door and it has been painted black
Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts
It's not easy facing up when your whole world is black "

Quote from an internet website on worship in church:

"1. Darkness.
Younger folk don't like boomer "bright light worship." They prefer covering up all the windows with black cloth and turning off most of the lights-leaving a dimly lit room. In this muted atmosphere you can't see the faces of the leaders or most other worshipers. It's a private atmosphere. (Let me interject here, what this person is really saying -It's ALL ABOUT ME) And there will be candles. Lots of them. They'll light as many as 50 candles spreading them all over the sanctuary providing a flickering almost-spooky light for worship. Aghast, boomers say, "Why it's like a séance in there-it's too much like Devil-worship."

I am still really bugged that our church has blacken the windows and turned down the lights. At least we don't have the candle thing YET. To me sitting in a dimly lit sanctuary is like sitting in a funeral home.  I lived in darkness for many years. I am ready to be in the light. In my ever so humble opinion church should be a group experience. We are in this experience together. If I want a to have private time with God, I will do it at home or go on a silent retreat by myself.

When I ask about the darkness, I get the response that blacking the windows is the new trend of our denomination. I want to say Didn't your momma ever say "if your friends were all jumping off the bridge would you?" The next response is well, have you been to this church or that? They are way darker then ours! SO WHAT, have a mind of your own.

I am convinced another reason to darken the windows is a method to control. If I cannot look out the window at the sky or notice the beauty of the trees, if there is only one bright light shining at the preacher, I must look at him right? WRONG. I refuse to be controlled in this manor. When I am at church, I look at the floor, the ceiling, my bulletin, other people. I look for cobwebs, I notice other peoples clothes, hairdos, who is holding whose hand. Out of pure rebellion I do everything I can not to look at the preacher. 

(Off the subject: I must say I love the fact our preacher is preaching out of the bible. Not topical.  I listen, I just don't look.)

I am very disenchanted with the "church" in general. I still love the Lord and my relationship with Jesus is not broken. I am sick of the man made trends some churches are following trying to pursue young people in. Most would argue that young people are the future of the church. While the church is trying so hard to reach out to young people they will lose out on a whole group of boomers. Why do boomers have to conform to the way young people want everything?  Because young people are use to getting everything that they want.

Am I just an arm chair quarter back? no. I have a strategic plan. One service for boomers one for young people. I know some churches are doing this already.

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KARNA said...

Wow I had no idea. Yet another trend... I remember when they were building schools that had no windows in the classrooms years ago .. it was so kids could concentrate better. I do have a question ... if the spotlight is only on the preacher...and its dark, how can you follow along in your bible? Continue to be grateful that he is preaching from the Word and not doing topical studies 24/7! That's HUGE and a bigger issue than darkening the windows. I dont think I would like it in the dark either. I really like what you said about Jesus bringing the LIGHT..HE IS THE LIGHT...corporate worship is awesome...I agree it should be done in the light! xoxo k