Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tonight's Big meeting

Tonight my sweet friend and my friend yet to named are coming over for dinner. We are having taco tuesday. We are having a mexican/greek dinner. Taco's with all the extras and baklava for dessert. I get the very best baklava from the farmers market. It is flakey and honey sweet!!!

Then we are going to the budget meeting to hear the hatchets report. You know the report that is based on the day the hatchets peeked in our class room for less then 30 seconds. I have read it cover to cover. It is very grim.

I bet the meeting will last until 11 or so. My friend yet to be named job is one listed to axed, along with many others including jobs like mine and my sweet friends. The axing won't happen until next Tuesday. Ugh. I hope we will be able to keep our dinners down...

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ChaChaneen said...

Praying for you K!