Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My friend Cha-Cha brought up something on her blog. She says she is looking for an old fashion embroidered ladies hanky because she has a cold. I can remember her husband carrying a man hanky ( one of those white ones) before they started dating.

Growing up we always used a hanky. Do you remember a friend ever offering you their hankie when you needed to wipe your nose?

I suppose using a handkerchief is more earth friendly. I don't know if I could make the switch and go back to the old way. It just seems so gross.

Hanky is a fun word to say.

I have seen quilt blocks make out of fancy handkerchiefs. Some day I would like to try making a hanky quilt.


Mountain Momma said...

Ew, my dad always did and still does, carry a handkerchief. I would gag when he'd try to hand it to me. No thanks, I don't want to touch your boogers & snot, nor do I want you to wipe something off my face with the corner of said snot-rag.
ewewewewewewew and EW!
A quilt of new hankies (or bandanas) would be cool. I've wanted to do one combined with denim.

ChaChaneen said...

My Man ALWAYS carries two hankies... one for himself and one to offer the kids. I've bought a couple for the kids in the last few years... horses for my girl... superman and dogs for my boy!