Thursday, March 25, 2010


Just a few minutes ago I was sitting here writing on my blog in my "office". I love to look out my window and look at my little court yard. I can see the bird bath, I can hear the wind chimes, I smell the jasmine when it blooms. From where I sit, I can see the front gate leading to the front door. I can see out my window, but people cannot see in during the day.

Side note: I don't know if you remember this, but I have two dogs. 1 Rhodesian ridgeback mix, 1 pittbull mix. Most strangers and some of my friends are leery of my dogs. I would be too if I did not know them. I have to say my very sweet doggie the pitbull, is not to much of a barker. But he would be the first one to make a chew toy out of somebody. The ridgeback, no. But she loves to bark and pretend she is a bad ass.

Anyways, I was sitting here writing my blog when I see this person in pink spandex pants walk in my gate. She rang the door bell. The dogs go ballistic. So I go to the front screen door, and there stands this woman about 5'7, with black frizzy hair, black shirt and pink spandex pants.

She is trying to tell me something but the dogs are going crazy barking. Most strangers start to back up when they see the dogs. Not this lady. She puts her hand on my screen door knob. Now the dogs are in a frenzy. I say to the woman, what do you want? She said "my car is broken down two streets over, can you give me $2.00? All I can do is stare at her mouth. She has no teeth. What, I say. She says I need $2.00 to get some gas, my car is broken down two streets over. I do not have $2.00 I tell the woman with no teeth and pink spandex pants. Sorry, I say. I tell her to close the gate on the way out so the dogs don't get out -implying they might get out.
Ok she says and walks away.

So I call the cops and tell them about the meth head that just came to my door. The dispatcher says Did she have pink spandex pants on? Yes, how did you know. Apparently she had been making the rounds, around town today. I was not the first person to call. They said there was nothing they could do about strange people coming to my door. He said it was still good to call the police though. The dispatcher said he would send someone out to make sure she was not under the influence.

I wonder if that lady was the one who distracted Mr. & Mrs. Mc? Maybe she is part of the same group?

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