Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am grumpy

Today I feel grumpy. Thats right. All I hear is gloom and doom. Work, home, facebook, the news everywhere. Not only that, I got trapped on BART today for 20 minutes.

It started out as a good enough day. Until I was returning home on BART. I boarded the train, the doors shut like normal. The train has this beep signal before the doors open or shut. It kept beeping but the doors would not open. The train was on a platform that was above ground, I had a beautiful view from where I sat, but the train was not moving and the doors were not opening. I started to get a little panicky . I thought to myself this is stupid. Why am I getting claustrophobic when I have big picture windows to look out of. We sat there. The train operator came on to say our train would be leaving in just a few minutes. We did not move. The train's interior lights went out and the air circulator went off. It was if the train had just died. I am telling myself at that point- breathe, breathe.. I can still see out side, JUST LET ME OUT OF HERE, breathe. Finally after 20 minutes the doors open and the train operator said this train is out of service. You have never seen someone get off a train so quickly. I plowed over and elbowed anyone in my way of getting out.

Fresh air..ahhh.. relief. I got on a city bus to the next BART station. Ugh. The bus driver seemed to be in good spirits. I got back on BART and made it home. The 10 minute trip took 1 1/2 hours.

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