Sunday, March 21, 2010

I got my Cool on

Phew, did I have a busy weekend. This is how it went.

Thursday, Party- fundraiser at the Caribou.

Friday, I went to a home business beauty "spa" thing. Corporate world women and me. They told tells of their houses with picture windows over looking the mountain, swimming pools, import sports cars and the "divorce diet."

Saturday Chuckie and I went to a quilt show, The quilting taliban seemed to be missing this year. Chuckie and I went out to lunch. I took her to Gun Point. We had mexican food. They have the best little mexican restaurant there called The Parrot. The food is fresh. I came home for a few hours and then picked up Blue Eyed Kay and we went to see Alice in Wonderland at the Imax in 3-d. Blue Eyed Kay and I went out to a chain Italian restaurant. To salty and boring, but that is what you get when you go to those types of restaurants.

This morning I got up, me and my gig a low went to church. We came home, and I went to coffee with Jeremiaha. I picked up a few things at the grocery store, went home and made dinner. My dad came over for dinner. We told my dad that he had to eat and run because we were going to go see GG-GP's band with Darrell Mansfield.

We drove up past the estuary, it took about a half and hour. The night club over looked a fake light house and the river. The night club calls it a "bay"view. I was happy that my gig a low and I were doing something together.

Darrell Mansfield was amazing. He talked about Jesus and played the blues on his harmonica. GG-GP had his cool sunglasses on and was playing his guitar. The music was great. I love the blues. My favorite songs tonight were crossroads and people get ready!

It was good to hang out with bikers in their colors, old people, twenty somethings and everything in-between. There was this crazy artiest guy. When the band would play he would get possessed buy the music and paint (it looked like slopping paint on a canvas, mostly blue and white.) Poor guy, everyone was laughing and pointing at him.

I could almost feel my swagger coming back. It was good to get my cool on! It has been a long time.

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ChaChaneen said...

Hey now, your Cool star! Busy weekend for sure but it sounds like you made a memory!