Friday, March 26, 2010

Are you addicted to Farmville?

Have you become Farmville dependent? Here are some questions to ask yourself ...

1. Does you spouse call themselves a farmville widow?
2. Are you kids / significant other / animals begging for food?
3. Is your fish tank full of algae and you have 1 inch of water in the bowl and the fish is dead?
4. Are you sneaking on your kids farmville to send yourself something?
5. Do you check your farm on your cell phone /computer at work?
6. Are you calling your friends that live across the country to see if they will send you
something specific for your farm?
7. Have you altered or changed your vacation plans because your crop will be ready and you don't want it to wither?
8. While on vacation you check your farm.
9. Do you get on your wall and beg for items for your farm?
10. Do you get pissed off when people send you "free gifts" that have no value?
11. Do you secretly pull out your credit card and spend real money on farmville so you can buy that special something? Then you tell your friends, oh I would never use real money on farmville.
12. Do you feel bad that your friends have more eggs, gold, hearts, christmas presents then you do? Or do you do what ever you can to make sure you have more then your friends?
13. Have you ever been late for work because you are playing farmville?
14. Do you stay up all night playing farmville?
15. Do you put the kids to bed early so you can go play on your farm?

If you answered yes to 2 of these questions you are a farmville fiend. You need to get help my friend. :)

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