Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Mc

My sister in law's parents ( I will call the the Mc's) house got robbed today. It really gets me angry. Although the Mc's did not get physically hurt, they were still violated. Mrs. Mc is in her 80's. Mr. Mc is almost 90 years old. He is a Marine, a WW2 vet. Here is what happened.

Mr. & Mrs. Mc where outside looking at their vacant lot adjacent to their house. In the old days they used to plant big gardens. Mr. & Mrs. Mc were discussing getting the lot ready for spring. A lady walked up to them and started asking Mr. & Mrs. Mc about the lot and if they are planning on selling it. Mr. & Mrs. Mc engaged the woman in conversation.

While Mr. & Mrs. Mc were talking to the woman, two men were robbing the house. Mr. and Mrs. Mc became aware something was wrong when a car pulled up to pick up the woman, she jumped in the car with the two men and they sped away.

Let me just say Mr. Mc, being a Marine and almost 90 still could of kick some low life butt given the chance. It was just a few years ago he fell off a latter and broke his ankle. He did not want to bother anyone so he made a splint for himself out of two wooden rulers and duck tape. He walked around for a week with a broken ankle. One day my sister in law noticed the duck tape and rulers poking out of the shoe he was wearing. So she took him in to the hospital to get a cast. Mr. Mc preferred his method.

On the other hand Mrs. Mc is very fragile . This is going to be very hard on her. She will never feel safe again.

I am thankful that the bad people did not hurt Mr. & Mrs. Mc. All the same, I want to tell these people, I hope you rot in hell. I don't say that lightly. Spineless people that pick on old people and children make me sick. I do pray that they change their path so they don't have to rot in hell.

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ChaChaneen said...

Oh that's sad indeed! I will pray that they are abundantly blessed with peace and only the things that God can prevail to provide from his hand.