Monday, January 25, 2010

The Target Incident

The other day I went to Target with Susanna and her 3 kids. We decided we would split up. Susanna took the boys and I took the girl. We agreed to meet up at the food court at 5:30 pm. We would have dinner together.

Susanna's daughter is 11 years old. Her name is Beth, she had a gift card from her birthday. Beth and I had so much fun looking at the toys, dvd and cd's. Beth loves purses even at 11 years old. She takes after her mother. Beth found a pink corduroy purse with extra long straps to buy. It was on clearance. It only cost $6.00. She was so happy. I found $67.00 worth of toiletries and make up to buy. One little tiny bag cost me $67.00. Beth used her gift card to buy her new purse. She was so excited. She wanted to use the rest of her gift card and buy herself dinner. A hot dog kids meal that comes with an icy. So I called Suzann on her cell phone to see if it was ok. Yes, because she was having a hard time finding the right shoes for the boys, they would be late. Ok-great, lets get dinner. Beth proudly ordered a hot dog kids meal and an icy.

I found a table for 5 and plopped my purse, target bag and rain jacket on the table. Beth put her stuff on the table too. I was tired from a long day at work and shopping with a kid. The icy machine was self serve. It was just a few feet away. I encouraged Beth to go get the icy herself. Ooopps. The blue icy started overflowing from the cup, Beth started screaming. I jumped up, scooped up our stuff and ran to her aid. Other mom types jumped up as well. Everything was under control in less than a minute. The sleeve of Beth's bleach white shirt was now blue, but everything was ok, or so I thought.

Just as we sat down Susanna and the boys showed up. I was acting as if nothing unusual had happened. Beth showed her mother the purse (along with a blue shirt sleeve) with great enthusiasm. Susanna says to me "what did you buy?" I was looking forward to complaining about a little tiny bag that cost $67.00, but I couldn't find it. It was gone. I guess when I scooped up our stuff when Beth needed help, I left the little bag behind. I looked high and low. I asked the workers at the counter, I looked in garbage cans, I went to customer service. It was gone. Someone had ripped off my little bag of stuff that cost $67.00. My first reaction was to cry. I could not afford to go buy another $67.00 worth of items. I did not cry. I held my slef together. Calm, I had to be calm. Susanna and the kids where looking under tables. Nothing. I went back to customer service. They called security.

So I tell the rent a cop what happened.. So he says to me "do you have your receipt?" No. It was in the bag. So he went to the back room and looked at security videos. He came back and said he could see me buying the collection of goods but Target did not have a camera in the eating area of the food court. OK, I said, so what are you going to do about my problem? (Look I know Target is not responsible, but dang it I needed my moisturizer because it is very dry in my house. ) He just looked at me. I said again trying to remain calm, WHAT are you going to do to help me? He called the manager. After 45 minutes of me nagging they reprinted my receipt and told me to go get my stuff.

That was very kind of the people at Target. They have great customer service. They could of said your this, it is your loss- go away lady. But they did not. I gave the manager a hug, shook the rent a cops hand and told them how much I appreciated what they had done for me. I told them I would tell all my friends to shop at Target.

Susanna, the kids and I have gone back to Target. But I don't let Beth get her own icy anymore.

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ChaChaneen said...

Yea! That is great news my friend! I'm a Target shopper too.