Saturday, January 23, 2010

GG-GP & Blondie

GG-GP is tuning and playing his Fender guitar that he calls Blondie. I know I have told you before but he really is a great guitar player. The music is floating back here to my office, it brings life to the stillness at my house. Usually all I can hear is my fingers tapping the keyboard. All this toe tapping and guitar playing Makes me want to have a beer and dance on the table. Just kidding!

Weather Report
We had a funnel cloud today. No Dorothy we are not in Kansas anymore! There are some dumb $#@$@ property owners who are spending millions trying to make a cliff stop eroding in Pacifica. They have hired contractors who are trying to stop 2 apartments complexes from falling into the ocean. We had rain for 5 days now. More rain is coming our way. I wonder if the apartment owners have ever heard the story about NOT building your house on the sand??? The owners must of cut their oceanography class. If mother nature gets her way, (she always does) those apartments are gone. Do you want to bet how many more days until at least some part of the complex falls off the bluff? I love to bet...ok I say two more weeks, what do you say?

tap-p-p-p, tap-p-p, it is fun to listen to GG-GP's music..... lalala lalalala. How I love the blues!


kayakerswife said...

You and my husband think alike. Building on sand? It's a no brainer.

ChaChaneen said...

I think it will be sometime in April that something major will happen. Maybe they won't all fall but some major structural damage by April. Thats my guess.