Monday, January 4, 2010

3 of the Best Christmas Gift

Here are the 3 very best Christmas gifts ever (the truth is all my christmas gifts where the best ever)

1. My gig a low knows how much I love gadgets. He bought a voice activated alarm clock for me. You can ask the clock what time it is or the date. It will replay with the time or the date. You talk to the clock and tell it what time you want to wake up. The clock will talk back to you and confirm what time you want to get up. You can ask the iTalk to change alarm sounds. The clock gives you 4 choices and what sound it will make with the corresponding number. I tell the clock #4. It will confirm the alarm sound. iTalk talks to me when it is time to get up, it will say "the time is 4:21 am" I love it.

2. GG-GP bought me this food chopper even though he was really sick. He is very thoughtful. It sounds like a Harley Davidson (and as loud as one too) when you press the chop button. It reminds me of the old days. :)

3. Blow up Santa

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