Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aunt Bea

I am so lucky to have an Aunt Bea. She is one of the original Rosy the Riveters. She worked in the shipyards during WW2. She is so cool. Aunt Bea is 87 years old. She is a very wise and discerning woman. She can read a situation faster then the speed of light. She has had a tragic life. Her only son drowned when he was a teenager and my uncle died playing golf one day. Dropped dead of a heart attack on the golf course. I think that was more then 30 years ago. Aunt Bea thinks everyone should drive cadillacs . She has a burgundy cadillac with burgundy leather seats and a burgundy steering wheel. It is the size of a cruise ship. The car is clean just like the day she bought it. Aunt Bea is very current. She follows the stock market and politics. She has been to Haiti so she is very sympathetic to the problems they are having.

Aunt Bea just calls em as she sees em. When my dad had his last girlfriend she would say things like this:
"No fool like an old fool"
"Your dad's girlfriend is using him for the cadillac." (He had one at that point)

Yesterday my Dad and I went to see Aunt Bea. Here are some things she said that I want to repeat.

She was saying now that she is old she has to take alot of pills. She is not fond of that. She has a hard time sleeping so her Dr. recommended sleeping pills. Not a chance. Since then Aunt Bea has discovered that eating a bean and beef burrito and washing it down with a shot of good brandy right before bed makes her sleep like a baby. That is her bed time snack every night now.

Aunt Bea has a little Boston terrier. She loves him so much. He is good company. She said he likes to crawl in bed with her. Aunt Bea says she sleeps with a 4 legged dog, but some of her friends sleep with a 2 legged dog. She prefers the 4 legged kind. (I almost fell off her love seat and rolled on her 1970's green carpet I was laughing so hard.)

Aunt Bea said to my dad - Have you heard from the x girlfriend since you sold your cadillac? No my dad said. He changed the subject right away and suggested that we go out to lunch.

I had a great day with my dad and Aunt Bea.

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ChaChaneen said...

Ha Ha - that was hilarious! I completely agree about the Cadillac! I've always wanted a big cruiser too! (Swoooning...)