Friday, February 20, 2009

Sara the Rodigan Ridgeback

Sara is one of my two dogs.  She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback

I adopted her from the RR rescue. Sara has kept her girlish figure all these years. I wish I could say the same about myself. 
She is gentle, graceful and smart. Sometimes I wonder if she is not a 60 pound cat in a dogs body. 

Sara hates to take a bath and you had better not get her head wet! I am not allowed to use a hair dryer on her, as it is two hot (even on the coolest setting.) It may dry out her lovely skin. Her favorite part of the bath ritual is getting towel dried.  She smiles and her eyes twinkle when I dry her with her favorite extra soft towel. She thinks I am her personal masseuse

Sara loves to run. She is swift and can make sharp turns on a dime. Sara loves it even more when Jack our other dog chases her. 

Sara has never been a dog to play fetch because it is beneath her royal highness. You are supposed to bring the toy to her if you want to play with a dog toy. 

When we go out and come home, even if we have only been gone for 5 minutes she will go get her favorite toy and show the toy to us. We may not to touch it. We are suppose to be happy that she has given us permission to LOOK at her favorite toy of the day. 

Sara is a rescue dog and she is skittish. She does not warm up to people quickly. She is very picky about who she will choose to be her friend. I am one of the chosen few. 

Sara's test of friendship: She will bring you her favorite toy of the day and put it in your lap if she chooses you to be her friend. Give her back her toy and that is it. You are now her life long friend. If you make the mistake of throwing the toy, you lose. 

Sara loves carrots. It is her favorite food. Dog food is ok, but Sara would prefer steak every night.  Ifsteak is not available Sara wants to eat what ever I eat because she watches me cook it. Why would she want to eat something that comes out of a bag or can?

Sara’s funniest quirt is if she is mad at my husband or I, if we are gone longer then she thinks we should be, she takes the toilet paper and TP’S the house. We come home and there is toilet paper unrolled down the hall, around the kitchen, it circles the dining room table a few a times and end in the living-room. I can see her with the toilet paper in her mouth, running around the house joyfully punishing us for being gone for what she perceives as much to long. 

She loves to be hugged. Underneath that loud bark, and big ego, she is a very sweet little girl.


Doomsayer said...

So you babied her into thinking she's a queen did you. There are already enough spoiled brats on the earth. No more doggies for you, you doggie servant.

Clayton James said...

awww my aunt has one of these dogs. so much love.

Alexandra said...

We own a Rodigan Ridgeback, and the things you said discribe our Rodigan, Sandy, very much. its not the fact that we spoil them (well maybe somewhat) but it is also just how they are.