Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rambling thoughts of a food addict

Did your mom ever make homemade frosting and put it on gram crackers? I used to love it!

I loved eating fried bologna with yellow mustard.

I used to love eating raw hot dogs.

In the summer when it was really hot my friends and I used to get a Cola Icy after swimming in the local pool.

I like frozen hostess Ding-Dongs and Little Debbie peanut butter bars.

One of my fondest food memories was when we went to Montana and my aunt use to fry fresh trout with cornmeal for breakfast, yummy !

When I was a teenager my best friends mother used to make us cornmeal mush loaf. We would slice it and put syrup on it. It was SOOO good. I always wonder if anyone ate cornmeal mush loaf?

My family used to make "ring a round" - peanut butter and Karo syrup, and put it on toast.

Do you remember tuna used to come in Light and Dark? I used to like the dark.

My mother used to leave the butter out so it would be soft when you wanted to use it. I still like room temperature butter.

Sometimes I wonder what peoples food habits are outside of California especially outside bay area. Do people buy fresh local food, or is eating food out of the can ok?

I wonder if in other parts of the U.S. people are looked down on if they eat at a chain restaurant? Or is that only true here?

I wonder if people still smoke in restaurants ( I know they do in Las Vegas)

Can you remember drinking whole milk? I did not know there was any other kind.

I am making myself hungry. I guess I should go check out the freezer if I have anything hidden way.


Doomsayer said...

Does your hubby eat all that stuff too?

Lynn said...

What a great collection of food memories. I love how happy many of them are. I also love that I now eat more fruit than candy and more veggies than junk food.

Thanks for sharing so openly and honestly.

B. Lynn Goodwin

heatherlou1069 said...

Your mom taught my mom how to decorate cakes, and makes the same frosting. We used to eat it on grahm crackers too! Now I know where it all started!
Were the raw hotdogs from Diablo Foods when they had the butcher counter? I can remember getting them when we'd shop with my Aunt Betty.
Pnut butter & Karo...I still love doing that! I remember back when you used to like toast so light it was actually just kinda warmish bread!

Lila said...

Wow, what a nice stroll down memory lane. I ate most of those things...and loved them! My favorite food memory when I was growing up waaaas...let me think her for a gramma's fried chicken! She made it every sunday and the whole family went over. Oh, i'm now.

Lila said...

Sorry rq. I'm now reading a couple of your postings on my eye phone each night before I turn out the lights. As u can c, in have quite a problem w/ fat-finger and make all sorts of errors.