Sunday, February 22, 2009

Red Hen Quilt Shop

Yesterday I went to The Red Hen Quilt Shop. It is in Woodland, CA. I have to warn you it is OUT IN THE BOONIES. Do not go there without your GPS. You need to call and set up an appointment with the owner before you go.

My sister in law and my niece decided they wanted to go on the hunt for the fabric store with me. Neither one of them quilt. We drive out of town on a two lane county road with green farmland and grazing cows. I enjoyed the ride in the country. We are being lead by my friend GARMIN. GARMIN starts saying “recalculating.” We know we had missed our turn. We back tracked and found out we had missed a one lane gravel road with no sign.

The gravel road had big pot wholes filled with muddy rain water. I did not know I would have to have a 4 wheel drive to get to this quilt shop. At the end of the gravel road it curved and turned into a paved road. The quilt store is the 3ed house. We found it YEPPIE!

The owner is warm and friendly. She welcomed us in and invited us to stay for a pot luck. This quilt store is in a back room of a private home. She also has a room with discount fabric. Her regular fabric is 30% off the sticker price because you have to "drive all the way" out there as the owner puts it. I noticed she stocks Moda, RJR, Thimbleberries, Blank, P & B and Timeless Treasures, jelly rolls, layer cakes, rulers and pattern books. I did not have enough time to see what other brands she had as my sister in law and niece felt as if they were in Oz not being quilters. So I needed to hurry.

Parking is easy. Just pull up in the drive way. I plan to go back someday and spend more time.

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog....loved your blog about finding the quilt shop.....we are so far in the mountains that....that's the norm around here.....but, we love it!!