Sunday, February 8, 2009


This cold rainy weather makes me think of the hot summers. That reminds me of swimming, I thought about the days when I was a sexy-speedy Ferrari in a black and red bikini. I could not fathom a time when I would turn into a comfortable old Cadillac or what kind of bathing suit I would be wearing.

This brings me to buying a bathing. I LOVE to swim. For quite a few years I was tormented every summer with the thought of putting on a bathing suit. I don't to see any of my own imperfections. I don't want anyone else to have to look at them.

As far as that goes I do not want to look at other people imperfections either. This can include but not limited to; men fat bellies in Speedos or women's fat bellies in bikinis, dimpling cellulite on people's butts and legs. I do not want to look at women who choose to be to skinny and they look like walking dead in a thong, Or ladies whose bathing suit top does not hold them up and their flat boobs are hanging down to their waist. Or the worst of imperfection of them all... men's hairy backs.

I have found the solution, the perfect bathing suit. I call it the "burqa bathing suit". I am covered from the top of my neck, to the bottom of my ankle. Really it is not a bad thing. I ware it because I choose to ware it. I am free to go swimming anytime without the worries. Not only that but I feel more modest in a burqa bathing.I still get looks becuase people are not used to seeing someone all covered up on the beach or at the pool.  BUT I DON"T CARE. I am free to be me.

Maybe I will start a new trend among old Cadillac's or religious woman or hair old men! Maybe I should start designing my own bathing suit. I will call my business "Burkas Bathing Beauties'". My slogan will be "COVER UP AND BE HAPPY for everyones sake.

Well I had better get to work so I can make money to start my new business. And soon I will be happy swimming in my burka.


Doomsayer said...

You cannot have a Burka bathing suit. Wearing a clunker like that would only allow you to bath your hands and feet. You will just have to reconstruct it into a Burka swimsuit.
How about--
a Burka Swimsuit Issue
a Bagdad Burka Babes magazine
a Burkang' it Calander. 52 bodatious, Bombshell, Barly Burka bod's for your weekly wowzer.

Lila said...

I wish you would have posted a pic of the burka ss. Is it a wet suit?