Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Most Unusual Places I Have Stayed

Safari West

Safari West has 400 acres of wild adventure. You can take the their 3 hour tour on their double decker jeep. The kids loved sitting on top of the jeep. When we were on the “safari” an ostrich thought that I as dinner. It is kind of scary having a bird that is 6 feet tall pecking at you. We all got a good laugh out of it.

They have giraffes, gazelles, scimitar-horned oryx, ostrich and African antelope, cape buffalo, zebras, wilder beasts. These animals roam freely. In a in closer they have cheetahs, the primates resplendent area and a bird aviary. When we where there a rattle snake had come to visit aviary as well.

Adults $68; Children (3-12) $30; Infant (1-2) $10.

After your Safari you may be hungry. We eat the Safari Ranch Dinner at the Savannah Cafe. It was very good. If you have any dietary issues they are happy to accommodate you.


Lunch : $19.00 per adult, $14.00 per child (4-12)

Dinner: $29.00 per adult, $17.00 per child (4-12)

After dinner the cook took us up to the lagoon where he feed the catfish. It was like a shark feeding frenzy. I have never seen anything like that in my life. I told the kids to hold my hands, I couldn't image what it would be like if they fell in.


Suitable for up to six people, perfect for the family. It has two-bedrooms with a king bed and a double bunk bed. Private bathroom, kitchenette mini refrigerator, sink, microwave and coffee maker and patio.


$350.00 a night for four people, each additional guest $25.00.

Continental breakfast is included.

Safari Tents:

Sleeping in a tent is not what you think at Safari west. These are luxurious tents are imported from Africa and are built on high wooden platforms. Each tent is beautifully decorated. They have different size beds in each and each has a shower. Tents are equipped with a deck can sit and view giraffes and the lagoon.

$170 - $260 Sunday through Thursdays

$175 - $265 Fridays

$175 - $295 Saturdays

YWAM Mendocino Coast / The Lord’s Land

Family Friendly

This is very cool place with a history. The original owner was a German immigrate who became a hippie. She wanted to have a commune where young people go go to live off the land and be free to express themselves artistically or otherwise. They started building cabins. The hippies not wanting to conform to the norm made each cabin unique. They were the original recyclers. They used broken beer and wine bottles to make stain glass. In the early 70’s some Jesus Freaks (as they called themselves) found their way to the Mendocino Coast. The hippie commune ended up transforming into a clean and sober hippie Jesus Freak commune. In the early 1990’s, the Lords Land became open to the public.

Warning, this place is rustic. Some cabins have outhouses. You may have to hike up /down a hill to get to your cabin. If you are afraid of spiders or other creepy crawlies don’t go. No telephones, faxes or computers. They have some stick policies. Call for more information.

The Madonna Inn

This a a family friendly Inn and Steakhouse. I bet The Mondana Inn is the most outrageously decorated facility in California.

Each room has a theme. For example

The Caveman, Yahoo, Buffalo, The Old mill an the Fabulous Fiftys. We stayed in a cave room. My husband worried all night that the bolder we where sleeping under was going to crash down on us. The room include a waterfall shower. I liked the shower so much I wanted one at home.

When your hungry try:

The Gold Rush Steakhouse is decorated in bright pink with gold scroll work. It has 50’s style booths and tables. Bring your sunglasses. If you want something sweet they have a bakery with yummy pastries. If you want a cocktail try the Silver Bar decorated in an old west brothel style. They now have a Coffee Cafe.


The Men’s Bathroom has a waterfall instead of a urinal.

They have a spa if you would like a facial or a massage.

They have swimming pool.

Kids under 16 stay free in there parents room.

Sorry no pets.

No smoking.

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