Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Choking Incident

It all started in the morning. The first thing that happened was that I went to Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek to look at the "illuminating" sculptures with my students. In the entryway there was a sculpture that looked like a short fat green glowing chimney. I was walking past it and I made a sudden turn because someone was calling my name. My hand hit the "chimney" and a brick fell off the structure. The curator came running out and asked what happened. I told him. He was very upset. He inspected the brick for any minor disfigurement then looked on the floor. He said is that brick dust? ummm yeah it is brick dust. Then he was really pissed. His little assistant ran to the back room and got a pure virginal brick with no blemishes (I couldn't see anything wrong with the first one.) He replaced the brick and stomped off. I told him I was sorry. He did not respond. I was ready to tell him that sculpture hurt my hand and I was going to have to sue. Thankfully it did not go that far. Why didn't the artiest glue the stupid bricks anyways?  

When I got home I got a call that I was fired from a job I never started. I won't go into that right now. 

Then me and my husband went out to Chinese food with my dad and now x- girlfriend. It was very uncomfortable at first. Dad's x-girlfriend was bragging about how good this food. The hostess and owner wife was very irritating. The stood at our table for a good 15 minuets telling us how good the food was. After looking at the menu my husband was insisting that we eat a family dinner so we could try everything. My dad's x wanted no part of that. She did not like our family. She got mad and threw her pink fake sugar packet on the table. Well, as it ended up my dad, my husband and I had the family dinner. We had just started eating. My husband chocked. He stopped breathing. Me being the super CPR hero I am said "are you breathing" he shook his head NO. I jumped up and started doing the Heimlich maneuver on my husband. The first time I tried nothing happened. The second time I let him have it ( i had been waiting all these years) it worked! Liquid and food started coming out of his nose and mouth after the second punch to his gullet the food broke free. Once my husband regained his composure , he turned to me and said "thank you for saving my life" I said "your welcome". We keep eating and talking about my dog pepperjack. My dads x- girlfriend lost her appetite durning the choking episode. She could not eat one more bite. My dad, my husband and I kept eating. We are tough and a little choking and food/liquid coming out of the nose is not going to ruin our dinner. She had to take her dinner home. Anyways I was glad to come home and go to bed.


Doomsayer said...

Hey wreck, pronounce 'RC'
My ribs hurt, I'm gonna sue

Lila said...

Because i love your blog so much, and you can't write fast enough to make mr happy, I've started readin reckless quilter from the very beginning. I've always dreamed about saving someone with the h-maneuver too! I love you,RQ. You inspire me.

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