Monday, February 9, 2009

My Favorite Fabric Stores

Stone Mountain  & Daughter Fabrics  - Berkeley.

It so fun to go there because of the diversity in people and fabric. Some people from may be leery to go someplace where the homeless quilter shops for 100 % organic cotton along side the rich lady who wants to make a dress for the some charity even she is hosting for a  a political figure. It is worth your time going there. The store is large with a wide selection of fabric. Plan to spend at least a hour. Parking is difficult at best and you must pay the meter and get a stub to put in your windshield. 


Sew Ewe Quilt -Brentwood

I love this fabric store! The people here are so friendly. It is kind of hard to find because it it behind a hotel in a very plain office looking building. It has 4000 square feet of fun. They have many layer cakes and jelly rolls (maybe turnovers now not sure.) It has a huge sale room where you can find Moda and other brand name fabrics at a fraction of the regular price. They have a wall of tools and rulers. The Sew Ewe has an excellent selection of  jelly rolls, layer cakes and traditional patterns. Plenty of FREE parking.

The Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe - Fairfield

I like to stop here first if I am going to the outlets in Vacaville. The people who work there are friendly and helpful. They have a quilt and dinner night that sounds like fun.  They have a good selection of fabric. They also do long arm quilting. If you know what fabric you want, you can call them and they will be happy to send it in the mail to you. It is located in the old town part of Fairfield. Parking is easy but they have meters. They are not good at updating there website, so call first before you go there. 

Beverly's Craft & Fabric Store - Concord

Beverly's has a great selection of fabric. If you go Monday - Friday there is a very nice lady who works the fabric counter. If you go later in the evening you never know who will be cutting the fabric, so you are taking your chances. They have a large selection of flannel all year around. They have 3 different places for discount fabric. Along the back wall, by the cutting counter, and in the back room middle aisle.

Main Street Quilts - Martinez

I love this this place. They make you feel comfortable if your a beginner or advanced quilter. They have have a comfortable sitting area for you or your husband/boyfriend if you are dragging him along. If you are having trouble with color matching this is the place to go. The owner has an expert eye for color. They will go the extra mile trying to help no matter what your quilting problem is.  They have a good selection of fabrics. Long arm quilting is available.  Quit stores are having a hard time staying open these days, I hope you will go to this one. Parking can be tough, the store is located on a small one way section of Main Street. Parking is metered. They are not open on Sunday or Monday.

Donnas Quilting Loft Concord

(925) 672-1016 - I have not been able to find a website for them.

This is a small fabric and quilt store. I think they have a long arm quilter there. They have some unique fabric. The employees are aloof. But I have found so fabric there I have not seen in the others around town.

It is in a strip mall and Parking is free.

Thimblecreek - Concord

I want to say upfront I like this shop. This is an upscale fabric store with upscale employees and teachers. I think they are snobby until they get to know you.  If you are sewing on a Brother or any other kind of generic sewing machine don't tell them. It is frowned on. ( I made that mistake once) If you take your quilt top in make sure all your points match, or you will send them into a panic attack. I have to say I love their selection of civil war fabric and Japanese fabric. They hang  quilts up by the pattern so you can see what the finished product looks. They have top notch classes. The shop is hidden way among office and small business buildings. It is hard to find at first. Parking is free.  

The Cotton Patch -Lafayette

This is a good size shop. They have a big selection of fat quarters. They are somewhat snobby. They also have top teaches and speakers who come to their shop. Free Parking but limited.

The Quilter's Inn - Danville

This is a pleasant little shop. The employees are kind and helpful. They have a good selection of fabric. They are located in a strip mall and parking is free but difficult. 

Queen B Quilt Store

This is a friendly quilt store. It seems to me they have a good verity of panels. This is in the old part of town, and it has meter parking. 

Joann's Fabric and Craft Store- Concord

Joann's has some great sales. I like it when they have a 50 % off coupon. I go and buy battening. They have a good size fabric department. Don't expect to get help for color matching. 

Parking is free.

I hope you will comment on your experience with these shops. 

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