Saturday, July 31, 2010


In my area we have a group of homeless men. They have been dubbed the 7 wino's. The 7 wino's have a territory that covers the south east area of my city. They are aggressive panhandlers.  They scream and cuss  at you if you don't give them any money. They will walk into a supermarket and start looting the store. They pee in the street and pass out on the sidewalk.

Today I had to go to Walgreens. I hate going to Walgreens because it is in the territory of the 7 wino's. As I was leaving a homeless man approached me. He said "do you have any spare change?" I said " sorry I can't help you today" he said "no?" I said "no." He said "I like your attitude" and walked off.

I was not sure how to take that. Was he being sarcastic? Was that a complement?

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kayakerswife said...

How many sweet friends do you have, or are you just talking about one person?