Sunday, July 11, 2010

Corn Festival

Me and my gig a low went to the corn festival today. It was fun. My mouth has been watering for a real corn dog on a stick. Not the boxed kind from Costco, My mother used to make the very best homemade corn dogs. When we arrived I did not waste anytime. I headed right for the corn dog vendor. $5.00 for a a jumbo corn dog. The batter around the hot dog was fluffy and golden brown. Just what I had hoped for.

This was way different then the garlic festival. I thought they would have corn ice cream and corn bbq sauce and corn everything. Nope. They had grilled corn and corn dogs, but not anything as creative as corn smoothies. The garlic festival is way better that way. The last time I was at the garlic festival I had garlic bbq lamb. the lamb was tender and sweet.....

It was 102' at the fair. Way to hot for me, but I still wanted to go to the midway. My gig a low won a stuffed animal for me by throwing darts. A little yellow duck. I won a gold fish to be friends with Murry (my beta fish) I named him "bite face." I am good at the throwing the ping pong ball in the little bowl game. I always win a goldfish whenever I try. I won him on my 3ed ball out of 5. I was worried that bite face was going to get to hot in his little plastic cup with a lid. So we would rest in the shade, I would take the lid off bite face's cup. Me, my gig a low and bite face watched people pass as we cooled off in the shade. Bite face was gold with a black stripe down his back. I got many comments on bite face.

Me and my gig a low each won a case of water from Food Maxx. They had a roulette wheel.  I also won a Marine dog tag. You were suppose to do 10 chin ups or something, so I put bite face down and was going to try to do a chin up.  The very young and handsome Marine felt sorry for the poor old lady (me) and gave me the dog tag. I didn't have to do a chin up. hehehe. I got an Army lanyar, but I didn't have to act like I was going to do a chin up. All the Army guys said they would rather be in the South where Mr. & Mrs. F are. They said they like the humidity. Not this dry heat. I told them they could have the humid heat and I will take Mr & Mrs F back. Fare trade. They agreed.

I love to shoot the breeze with strangers. Especially people working in booths. I got a toilet plunger from this lady who is a plummer. But I forgot it because I was fussing over bite face. My gig a low said he would go down to the hardware store and by me a new one if I had to have it.

Everything was going well, but I was getting heat sick from the heat. We decided it was time to go home. My dad wanted us to pick up a corn dog for him, so we did on the way out.  This young family with 2 little boys where standing at the stop light with us. One of the little boys says "Can I hold your fish." Well you know what that means "can I have your fish" So I asked the mom if the kid could have bite face. She and the dad agreed that he could. I made the mom promise that she would take good care of bite face.  So bite face went off with the little boy and his family. I hope bite face will do well.

I thought I was going to be sick before we got to the car. It was just way to hot. I made it. We dropped off the corn dog at my dad's house. He was very happy.

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