Saturday, July 24, 2010

Did You Hear That

You all know about my X Mormon Friend (XMF.) She has something like 20 kids, and all her kids have had kids. (and I am not talking about goats.) One of my XMF kids Jamie had a skin care product party tonight.  Jamie invited all the siblings.  I am going to name one of Jamie's sisters Barbie because that is what she looks like, but her boobs are bigger because she recently had a boob job.

Barbie is drop dead gorgeous, big boobs, tiny waist, long blond hair, golden tan skin and blue eyes. Tonight Barbie had on a white t-shirt with a plunging neckline (almost to her navel) little bitty gray shorts that almost covered her butt, and silver rhinestone sandals.

After the party, I was shooting the breeze at the table with XMF, Jamie, The Make Up Lady and Ruby when Barbie walked in. Barbie said to the Make Up Lady - do you sell make up brushes? Yes, The make up lady says. Barbie said she wanted some bronzing powder and brush. The make up lady says I am not sure how much the breast, I mean brushes cost. The make up lady was going to find out the cost of the brush.

So I am sitting quietly trying not to giggle, when Jamie looks across the table and says to me (while Barbie and the make up lady are talking), Did you hear that? It was all over with. I started laughing hysterically. Jamie started laughing, that made me laugh even harder. My XMF says what are you two laughing about, so we tell her, My XMF started howling. Now all three of us are ROFL. I was crying. I have not had a good belly laugh in a long time.

I love laughing. Us adults just don't get enough of it.

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