Monday, July 26, 2010


One more day and my new teacher is gone. Today he told me that I was going to be the teacher today and tomorrow. I told him if I get teachers pay. He got really angry. I don't care. So I told the speech therapist who I am sure told the principal that my teacher has no lesson plans and I am a little nervous about moving forward.  Thursday is going to be our hardest day, nothing going on. Not much on Friday. It is Popsicle day. That will take 10 minutes. Wild child is coming back tomorrow.

So today young lady admitted she did not like doing poopy diapers. DUH, who does. We have it worked out where for "potty" duty that she takes princess, I take wiggle worm and the rest is up to negotiations.

Today I worked out a deal if young lady wanted to prepare snack for the students (getting out of working directly with the students for about 10 minutes) she would have to take Blondie to the "potty." Blondie has a temper tantrum every single time. Young lady took the deal. My new teacher said he had never heard negotiations like that before. That is because he has never had me in his class before. 

I am worried for students. He is not going to tell them he is leaving. I keep worrying that our little tiny students are going to have abandonment issues. He needs to tell them he is moving or something. It just seems like the right thing to do for their mental health.

Here is what I am going to sing to my new teacher tomorrow. It's time to say good-bye, good bye, it's time to say good bye, good bye new teacher, its time to say good bye.

Today since I was the teacher I taught the students a "new" song. Are you sleeping, are you sleeping brother john, brother john, morning bell's are ringing, morning bells are ringing, ding -dong- ding. We have a little bell and each student had their chance at ringing it. Blondie loved it the most.

Today I was teaching Pony Tails how to do the Miss America wave. I got a glare down from one of the teachers. So I told Pony Tails that Miss America is really smart, that is why she is Miss America. The teacher still glared at me. Pony Tails kept trying really hard to make her hand cup so she could do the Miss America wave.  It was so cute. She was holding her wrist and staring at her hand trying to make it do what she wanted her hand to do. Pony Tails hand was NOT cooperating. 

4 more days.

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Why-oh-why ... do people that can't deal with kids go into this line of work...??!!Hang in there...your a saint.....