Monday, February 22, 2010

WOW - What a shock.

I just found out my OB/GYN died. What...She was only 36 years old. It seems crazy to cry over a doctor, but she was the very best doctor a woman could have. The obituary says "she was at the top of her medical profession." and "highly respected." No doubt about it. It also says her death was "sudden." My doctor's life was cut short. The obituary says she "prayed" before every baby she delivered.

Her theory was to treat every woman as if they were in a spa. No backless hospital gowns in her practice. She had plush white bathrobes. She also would give you footies to ware. They were white, fluffy and warm. She liked to ware yellow crocks.

Her waiting room was beautifully decorated with a water fountain, a rocking chair, a leather couch, just like a model home. She had peaceful music playing. Her staff would ask you, can I get you some coffee or tea? She always had a fresh pot of coffee, an assortment of tea to choose from and ice water with lemon or oranges in it. You could sit and relax and have a few minutes of peace and sip some tea while you were waiting .

When it was your turn to be seen, she always made you feel like it was just you and her, never a rush. She was very practical and down to earth.

I recommended my doctor to my sister in law, in turn my sister in law recommended my doctor to 3 of her friends. We are all devastated. You have to build up trust in your doctor. As a woman most of us have been to OB/GYNS that we could not get out of the office quick enough. We all trusted her and loved her.

Her staff was very professional. Treating each patient with respect and dignity. They would never chew gum, answer the phone and try to wait on you at the same time. You would never hear them talking about other patients. They always washed their hands in front of you ( so did the doctor.) One of her back office assistants is a breast cancer survivor. My doctor hand picked her because my doctor wanted her patient's to know there was hope, even when you were up against the odds.

I had to have surgery a few years ago. After the surgery she would comment on her "handy work" (my scar)

She is survived by a husband and 3 children.

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ChaChaneen said...

OH this is beautiful, I hope you will forward it and share it with her family!