Thursday, February 18, 2010


It seems to me we should put reading on the endangered list. I see so many blogs going to Vlog and photo blogs, I worry about us who love to write. Who is going to read it? There must be a few people who still like to read. Like you.

I have had trouble reading for so many years. Thankfully, Project Second Chance was there to help me out for decades. I have also had many friends along the way to help and encourage me to read and write. Thank you, I pray for big time blessings for each one of you. You all take part encouraging me to write my blog. That is why I don't want writing blogs to become extinct.

As you know my reading and writing difficulties are a result of having a detrimental learning disability, that includes all the dys's . Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia. I cannot hear vowel sounds therefore I cannot spell correctly.

These days I have technical support from my computer, car cd player and my iPod. Now I can read anything I want. For me reading a book with a binding is like trying to decode a secret message hidden away on a page full of tiny black words on top of a blinding white background.

Here are some books I LOVE. Not necessary in this order:

1. Old Man of The Sea
2. The Secret Life of Bees
3. Water for Elephants
4. The Bible.

I guess I should pick up my bible a little more. It is collecting dust. I can have my computer read the bible to me. That seems to work a little better.

Thank you for reading my blog.


ChaChaneen said...

For me, nothing will replace a real hardback book! I lurve to read!

KARNA said...

What a gift Second Chance gave you...the love of reading...I have read and enjoyed quite a bit all the books you listed. I think you would also really love THE GLASS CASTLE by Jeannette Walls...
HEY you scrapbookers who read this blog...(chachaneen) i was reading a book that is in a series about scrapbookers and then detective stories LOL..she took an old book...cut out a design into the pages..put cardstock at the back, added charms, words etc. to make a really cute keepsake..loved the idea..have you ever done that?