Friday, February 26, 2010

Free Willy

I hope all you people who go to Sea World, 6 Flags or places that have a whale show, feel at least a little guilty for the death of that poor trainer. If you where not paying to watch a killer whale in a tiny tank, doing tricks for your entertainment this would of never happened.

The bottom line is greed. Trapped orcas bring in millions of dollars to Sea World and places like it every year. Why do you think Sea world is not going to kill or let Tilikum the killer whale go? Tilikum will bring in even more money now that he has killed 3 humans. Sea World claims that he is also a "breeder" with a bad attitude. In other words $$$$$$$, or as my students would say cha - ching.

If it was a pit bull who attacked and killed a trainer, the dog would of been put to death immediately. . Someone might argue that the dog is just doing what he does instinctively. But you are not paying to see pit bulls jump threw hoops. So the dog will die.

Sea World argues that most of us will never see an Orca unless you go to a water zoo. My question is... is there a problem with that? They state that imprisoned killer whales are teaching us about them.

1. I think Tilakum is trying to teach us something alright, like maybe he is pissed off that he has spent many years in a little fish tank.

2. Having a killer whale makes lots of money. That is an easy lesson.

The people that were at that Sea World show on Feb 24 had the pleasure of watching someone die because of greed. This story of Sea World and Tilikum makes me sick, sad and angry. Wake up , killer whales need to be free and in the ocean. Not in a little aquarium for our human enjoyment.

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