Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is my new friend "Anna." Me and my sweet friend met her today as we were leaving a thrift shop. Anna had come out of the beauty parlor next door. She is 87 years old.

The first thing I noticed was her sense of style. As you can see she has a white streak of hair that goes down the middle of her head. Anna loves her all natural white streak. She says she has the white streak because she is of Irish descent. She just touches up the sides a little. Her sunglasses were purple, a bright red and white poke a dot scarf, a black and white checkered dress and a leopard purse. . I love people who are not afraid of just being themselves

She is originally from back east, but spent most of her adult life in the
Los Angeles area. 3 years ago she moved up here to be near her son. Poor Anna has not made one new friend. So my sweet friend and I told her we would be her friend. She will be the first to tell you she had a Lincoln Town Car and a 4 thousand square foot home when she lived down south. She was highly educated at some prestigious college and worked as a VP of a very large company. I think she must of been way ahead of her time.

Anna cannot understand people who dress so casually all the time. When Anna sits under the hair dryer at the beauty salon she sweats. She must go home and change her clothes immediately. She cannot understand people who do not go home and change their outfits after they have been under the hair dryer.

Me and my sweet friend were dressed to impress with jeans and sweatshirts. My sweet friend sweatshirt quoted Gandhi, but his name is spelled wrong. Anna didn't mind that we were dressed like slobs.

My sweet friend and I are going to meet up with Anna again and take her to coffee.


ChaChaneen said...

ha ha Too funny! I lurve it! I do hope you'll keep us posted on your new friend!

KARNA said...

She looks fab for being that old; she may become my heroine! I know that no meeting is unplanned by the Lord and know you will become a dear friend of this woman ... God intended your love in her life! The ministry of coffee is a fabulous one!