Sunday, November 15, 2009

Update 11/15

My Birthday is next week, I can't believe I am getting this old. GG-GP says he is going to cook dinner for me.

The people who are coming to "trim the fat" at work will be at my jobsite next week.

Last week I took my dad to Ikea. We each ate a plate of Swedish meatballs with mash potatoes and gravy. When we got down stairs he wanted to have a hot dog. So we ate hot dogs.

Yesterday I took my dad to see my brother in the foot hills. On the way home he wanted to eat at In and Out. So I told him about "animal style" cheese burger. He loved it. I had made soup in the crockpot for the guys for dinner. When we got home my dad wanted to come in and eat a bowl of soup. I am happy my dad is eating more.

I went to apple hill and bought 3 pies. 1 is gone already. I had it less then 24 hours.

Today I went to church, went to my dad's and unloaded some firewood he got at my brothers, then I went to see my dear friend who just had surgery on her foot, came home and planted two iris bulbs.

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ChaChaneen said...

How did I miss this post? My Mom just went to Apple Hill recently and brought me to two pies to bake for Thanksgiving next week. Mmmmm I can't wait!

Wow, your dad ate like a horse that day! I lurve Swedish meatballs - probably because I AM Swedish! ha ha Yep, my Mom's side of the family came from there.