Thursday, November 19, 2009

All about my Birthday

Yesterday I had a fabulous birthday. The first thing that happened at 7 a.m my Dad called to wish me a happy birthday. I am so lucky to have a dad still. I got a birthday card from MamaJane! She reminded me of my skinny dipping days. I guess now days I would not skinny dip, it would be more like chunky dunky. I love Dad and MamaJane very much.

Every one at work was so kind. Malinda had the kids make construction paper balloons and color them with felt tip markers. She hung them on my desk. It was so CUTE! The staff in our classroom bought me a gift card for my favorite gift store!!! I am so excited. I can't wait to go buy something. My teacher, Ms. Sunshine, Malinda and Mr. Medic were very generous. Mr. Medic also bought me a bobble head Hillary Clinton. She has a gray pant suit on. (I collect political pairade items from all political parties.) Stella made me a homemade scarf. Her knitting has really improved over the years. This scarf has texture. I really like it. She always buys me honey buns cause she knows I like them. I also got a cup of coffee and a sweet roll from you2 in the classroom next door. One of my students brought me in a very cute birthday card.

After the Hatchets left at the end of the day, my principal called me into the office. I got my annual review. It was good.

When I got home my gig a low had cleaned the entire kitchen. I could tell he worked very hard. Sitting on the island in my kitchen was a very uniquely wrapped gift. The gift was in a purple and white tote bag with blue and yellow tissue paper. The handles of the tote bag where tied together with a purple and white plastic lei. My gig a low is so creative. GG-GP made me and my gig a low dinner. I had tri tip, mash potato's, green salad, gravy from a packet, banana and oranges. It WAS SO GOOD! I was so blessed to have the guys cook and clean and buy me a gift.

My gig a low and GG-GP bought me this really cool gadget. I love gadgets. It is called a "smartshopper." It is this little computer that holds your shopping list. You talk into it. You say your list for example: Dog food, pomegranate ice cream, paper towels. Then you hit the print out button, a print out of your list by category comes out . Pet supplies - dog food, Dairy - pomegranate ice cream. Then your ready to go grocery shopping. . It is so cool. You might be thinking why not just write a list. For someone with extreme dyslexia writing with a pen and paper is a very difficult task. This little gadget is a true gift.

My gig a low was extra nice to me. We are going out to dinner over the weekend.

I got phones calls from my dear friend, A1 and Jd. Shorty and my sweet friend called, but I missed the calls.

I got a birthday a card from the in-laws, and my old friend Rockett,

On facebook my friends told me happy birthday.

I am so very blessed by each one of you. Thank you.


kayakerswife said...

You couldnt ask for more. I'm glad you had a
"I Feel special" Birthday.

KARNA said...

So happy you had a great birthday!!! AND that your annual review was good!!! Nice day!! I am so intrigued by the names you give people... and wonder what you call me LOLOL

R. Quilter said...

Kw -Yes, I did feel special.

Karna -Your new name is Phoebe.

ChaChaneen said...

Ah, such a lovely day and I L-U-R-V-E your shopping gadet! That is so cool! I've never heard of something like that before, very personal to you too. They done goooood.

I like Karna's new name - Pheobe! Reminds me of Friends and the episode of Friends when Brad Pitt was there for Thanksgiving and Pheobe thinks his character is really dreamy and she is so funny. You can find it on YouTube, it's funny.