Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Smart Shopper

They keep taking the photo of the smartshopper off my blog, so you cannot see it. you would think it would be a good advertisement. Oh well, I love it all the same! You can add items that are not programed in. For example the smartshopper had swiss, sliced, shredded and cheddar cheese. I wanted sharp cheddar. So I typed in sharp cheddar cheese and spoke into the machine and said "sharp cheddar cheese." It asked me what category, I scrolled down to dairy. I hit finished. Now I am good to go. Me and my dad are going shopping early Monday morning, so I get to use my little print out. Here is why I like the smartshopper:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Hands-free (no writing) voice operation
  • Prints out your list
  • Categorizes your lists
  • Flag items that you have coupons for
  • I can designate quantities
  • I can add items that are not programed in

You can buy a smartshopper at,,


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