Thursday, November 5, 2009

Student #1 Big Adventure

Last week a group of our students went downtown to view a jury trial. After they viewed the real trial the students had a mock trial of their own. Lucky me, I was voted to stay back and hold down the fort and do some work with Ms. Sunshine. I told them no way. I wanted to go. My co-workers said that I had already been on 4 juries and I did not "need" to go. My co-workers had to bribe me to stay back with a taco bell gift card. It worked.

All and all I had a good day with Ms. Sunshine. We got the work done we where suppose to. We may fight like sisters, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it, we get it done, what ever the task is. We do it in an efficient manner. I usually give in to what ever Ms. Sunshine wants after all she is my elder.

Anyways before the other staff and students got back I was getting phone calls that when they walked into the room where the trial was being held and sat down student #1 started acting strange, like sinking down in the chair. He had to sit next to the Joker. But that is not why student #1 was acting funny. Come to find out he said that it was his first cousin on trial for murder. At least that is what student #1 said to the staff who called me.

We all know that student #1 is a compulsive lier. Was it true this time? What a strange twist, a coincidence.

So when student #1 came back in the classroom he had this big smile on his face. I said what are you so happy about? Student #1 said he saw his step brother on trial for murder. I said did he see you? Student #1 said no, he could only see the back of the defendants head. He only realized it was his step brother when the court said his step brothers wife's address. I said you did not know your step brother was on trial for murder? Student #1 said he had heard something about it but did not know the details until that day. He had a twinkle in his eye and launched into the story of his step brother (not first cousin) murdering his lady and running from the cops. The story goes student #1's "step brother" hid underneath a big rig truck and fell asleep after he stabbed the lady. The cops found his "step brother" and slapped him to wake him up. Then the cops arrested the step brother.

Student #1's eyes smile and he becomes very animated when he is telling you something. I asked why he did not fuss about sitting next to the Joker. He said he was afraid that if he made a fuss he might get in trouble from the cops. I think he believes the stories he tells himself. If I didn't know him I might of fell for it, the step brother story. As far fetched as it sounds student #1 tells a very good story. He sucks you in.

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