Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update 7/23

Dad and I went to the dermatologist today. When dad said he had pancreatic cancer, I could see the Dr. demeanor changed. He was much less "aggressive" since dad already has "enough going on." Dad does have a spot that might have to have biopsy if it does not go away in two weeks.

Dad comes from the time of - you do what the doctor says. You don't ask questions and you try to hold your head up no matter what. Everyone tells him he is a trooper. He is a trooper. Even the doctor today said he hopes he is as "troopie" as my dad.

Dad's blood sugar has been high, today over 300.

My dear friend thinks I need to be blunt with dad. Let him know things are not going to get better. I can not do that. In some countries they would never tell you, you are at the end of your life. Even though logically that maybe true. You mind can kill you as fast or faster then the cancer itself. If you give up , that's it. My doctor says denial is a good thing sometimes. I have to agree with her on this case.

I still hope and pray for a miracle for my dad. I do not know what Gods plans are. I am glad I cannot see into the future. I think that is a blessing from God. I did remind my dad he can refuse to have any treatment or doctors appointment. It is up to him.

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Mountain Momma said...

Jesus sympathizes with us (see Hebrews 4:15)
God is aware of our suffering (Psalm 56:8)
We have nothing to fear when God is with us (Isaiah 41:10 and Psalm 23:4)
Suffering does not separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:35)
I found these verses comforting.
I know grandpa's never been religious, but I think now he needs to heal his spiritual soul, and maybe these can help.
I also have a friend at church, given just months to live.....6 years ago! She's going to give me a book that I hope grandpa will read and find comforting.