Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This and That

I am so happy when the fog rolls in! That means it will be nice and cool here!

Today was a good day. Yesterday Dad had only one Dr. appointment. I think I mentioned that on Sunday we spent around 10 hours in the ER again. They put him on anticoagulants . This has got him stress out. I don't blame him for feeling stressed and overwhelmed. His blood sugar has been high (over 200.) Tomorrow we go to the dermatologist.

Ok are you sitting down? I put on a dress. Yes I did. My dear friend bought the same dress the other day. I liked it so much I bought one too. It came to my attention that I needed some new shoes to go with my dress, so I bought some wedge shoes. (You must be asking how did I where those shoes with my knee? I just had the pain and I was ok with it. ) I looked at my toenails, it was clear that I needed a pedicure. So I stopped at the beauty college. They had an $8.00 pedicure. Let me just say it was indeed an $8.00 pedicure. That was ok, I was doing things for me all day.

Mrs. F turned 21 today. Last night we took Mr. & Mrs. F out to dinner. I had my dress and a $8.00 pedicure. I was ready to go. Of course there was an epic amount of drama before we left. Mr. & Mrs. F were fighting as usual. Mr. F came up to my side of the car window and said he did not want to go to dinner. I told him I was staying out of it. Somehow a mutual agreement was worked out between them and we made it to dinner on time. Dinner was delicious! We had tomato chicken soup, a Caesar salad with real anchovy dressing, Mrs. F & I had steak with mashed potatoes, Mr. F and my husband had veal (they both got the veal lecture)I told them at least I wait until my cow is full grown before I eat it! We had 3 desserts. Lemon tart, chocolate cake and cream brulee. We are bankrupt now, but the dinner was worth it. Mrs. F was very happy. She said it was the best restaurant she had ever been to.

My husband is getting some work !!!!

I started a new quilt. I am just sewing strips together at this point.

Sadie threw her hip out. But she is ok now.

I realize now how much I like the old crooners type music.

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