Saturday, July 18, 2009


My dad has some swelling, I am not sure what from. Maybe more compilations from Wednesday.

Dad came over for dinner tonight. I was so happy that he came over. It used to be he would come over about once a week. We had low carb pasta with salmon. I made a homemade Italian dressing type sauce. My dad and husband loved it. I also found low carb ice cream from Safeway. Dad had that for dessert. I had permanganate frozen ice thing. Yummy! My husband had 3 different kinds of chocolate ice cream. He liked the double fudge chocolate brownie the best.

I just got a call from my sister in law that Dad's blood sugar was down in the 50's. He drank a coke classic and now it is up to 88. He is still swelling around his ankles and hands. The Dr. is suppose to call in the am. I am so happy that my sister in law was able to be there for my dad. I wonder if he tried called me. I was outside giving the dogs a bath and watering my pumpkins.

Speaking of pumpkins, I saw a tomato worm in a boom on my jumbo pumpkin plant. This is the first year I have not planted tomatoes in that spot in a long time. The worm was trying to chew the flower. It must of been very disappointed. I watched in crawl back into the bloom looking for a tomato. The tomato patch is not going to be a happy place for the tomato worms this year, all they will get is a mouth full of pumpkin.

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