Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Garden

Every year my dad and I have a tomato growing contest. I have to concede he has kicked my butt this year. My dad bought me a imitation "topsie tubrie" tomato container. I would not recommend it. I think he wanted to win this year. That is ok with me. Usually I have at least 6 tomato plants. This year I only bought two. I have a total of 4 tomatoes that are still green. I decided to give the soil a rest from the tomatoes. I planted pumpkins there. My pumpkins look great. I told you a few blogs ago about the tomato worm that was looking for a tomato but could only find pumpkin. I don't need to use pesticides, I use confusion as a tool to get rid of the bugs.

Our grapes are growing like crazy this year. They are small little green gems. They are small because they are not pumped full of hormones like the grapes in the store.

The lemon tree is recovering well after Mr. F gave it a crew cut. (God bless him) I see I have lemons on the tree again. They are still green. Our orange tree has oranges. They are SOOOO sour. Our lemons are SOOO sweet. Our lemons make the best lemonade! The plum tree still has plums on it.

Does anyone know how to get your oranges to sweeten up? :)

I also have Dahlias. I love Dahlias! I had yellow and pink. This year I bought red. They are red with a bit of yellow around the outside petals. They are beautiful. Dahlias and orchids are my favorite flowers.

I really don't have to many flowers. I have a few some roses. I have plants that flower like Star Jasmine. When you walk in the evening by they smell heavenly.

I just finished watering the Dahlias and pumpkins. Our house is shady. We have ferns from all over the world. The one from Japan (I forget its name) and and the elk-horn fern are my favorite. Did you know that elk-horn ferns like to eat bananas? All of our ferns insist on being watered every day in the summer.

My husband and I have a dialog almost ever day about what plants not to water. We cannot come up with a good plant to kill. You know we are having a drought. We are allotted so many gallons per day of water. My plants are all water junkies. I may need an intervention because I will have to work 3 jobs to support our plants water addiction.


Andrew said...

I love dahlias, they remind me of grandma for some reason.

Mountain Momma said...

I think I've got it.....figured out why it was posting as Andrew instead of me!
Our tomatoes are slow to redden this year.