Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yesterday the day turned out good

My dad had 4 Dr. Appointments scheduled this week. I felt stressed out and overwhelmed. I can't even imagine how he must be feeling.

My day started out ok, but early in the afternoon we took our class to the farmers market at the local park. My co worker who I will call Sunshine started telling me about her mom who died of cancer. Sunshine was telling me the horrors of chemo and how her mother got these big ugly soars in her mouth, and her mother was sick to her stomach all the time, and how her mother got so skinny you all of her bones were sticking out. I had to walk away. I went and stood under a venders canopy in the shade and just stared off into space. I couldn't take anymore reality. Another co-worker I will call Sweet Mama walked up to me and said "are you ok," I could not muster up enough words to come out of my mouth, but I shook my head no. Sweet Mama said "I know exactly what you need, come with me" Sweet Mama took me across the street to Baskin Robins 31 flavors ice-cream parlor. Sweet Mama said "you need some chocolate ice cream." So we each had a scoop of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. We did not say much as we walked back to the park. Sweet Mama was right. That is just what I needed. I was able to cope with Sunshine and the rest of the group. Sweet Mama is a very kind and understanding soul.

When I got home my close friend Denny stopped by and we went to have an early dinner, I was waiting to hear from my dad to see how his Dr. appointments went (he had two yesterday.) Over dinner Denny and I discussed life and death, God, kids, men and office supplies. I am so blessed to have some very close and dear friends. Denny thought it might be a good idea for me to go to the office supply store , because it is one of my happy places. I did not feel like going, but she insisted. Once again she was right, I am glad I went. My dad called he sounded Cheerful. My dad wanted me to come over so Denny and I left the office store.

My dad was SO happy because they took his Jackson Pratt drains outs. (He had two) not only that the Dr. canceled the rest of the appointments for the rest of the week. Dad does not have to go back to the Dr. until June 3oth, He will go see the Oncologist. His blood sugar was at a good level all day long, So he had 2 low carb tacos and a tablespoon of refried beans for dinner. Let me tell you, my dad was smiling and joking and had a little twinkle back in his eyes.
What a relief to see my dad in that frame of mind! Before I went home I changed the dressing on his wounds where the Jackson Pratt drains were, took dad on a walk outside and a few other odds and ends. I got home around 7:45 pm . That is the earliest I have been home 24 days. At 8:15 my Dad called to say he was going to have a 9 carb ice cream bar for his bedtime snack. What a perfect way to end my day.

The phone rang later that evening and it was my dear friend. We talked until 11:00 pm. We are going swimming on Friday. I am excited about that! I am so blessed to have so many very good people in my life.

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Lisa McD said...

Im glad your day turned out better.