Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dad and Clams

Today my Dad had very low blood sugar. It was down to 42 at one point. It should of been in the 100's. The advice nurse said he is not eating enough protein. So I went to safeway and bought him some almonds, Trisects (The advice nurse said so.) I also bought him some chili. He is allowed to have 75 carbs per meal, one can of safeway "eat right chicken chili" is like 63 carbs. It has 19 g of protein. As of right now his blood sugar is 131. That is very good. I also went to the store to buy more glucose tablets that you take when your blood sugar is low. Dad's JP's drain sites look good. Very little "drain" now. My dad has an Oncology appointment on Tuesday. I suppose they are going to tell him where the rest of the cancer is. It makes my stomach hurt to think about it.

I feel stressed because I don't know what I should or shouldn't do in most of the situations with dad. (I do know that if his blood sugar is low or high someone or anyone needs to call 911 or the advise nurse) My dad asked me what my opinion is on some issues. That scares me. If I call this family member they might yell at me or tell me I am doing wrong things, or if I call that family member they may have the flu, or if I do nothing they will all be mad at me. I can only suggest to my dad what to do. He has a mind of his own to do what he wants. I don't know what I think. There are many consequences from many angles. What I do know is my dad is very sick.

Life at home
My husband went clamming with his best friend. He brought home 10 long footed (or something like that) clams. The "foot" part looked ever-so disgusting. I don't know if my husband thought I was going to cook them up or what, but I wanted no part of them. So they sat in the ice chest in the side yard for a few days. Today at 1:00 pm my husband decided to deal with the dead clams. It was over 100' outside. I bet you know where this is going. I followed along because I had an idea the stench was going to be overwhelming. My husband seemed to think it would be ok. I stood far enough away where I could not smell anything, but I could still see his reaction. He opened the ice chest, all I hear is UGGGG. The lid of the ice chest slammed down. My husband got away from the ice chest as fast as he could. He leaned against the side of the house and looked pasty white, like he was going to faint. He said he was dizzy. I found it amusing. If fact I was laughing. It was good to get some stress relief in the form of laughter.
He ended up pouring the water that the clams were in down the storm drain. He had rubber gloves and a face mask ( like the where for the swine flu) on. He opened up the drain of the ice chest. Once again I head UGG deep from within his guts. He ran toward the house for safety. Once the water was drained he took each clam out and put them in a double garbage bag. It was so nasty. I was still laughing. He put the clams in the bag in the big garbage "tote" outside. I am glad I don't park my car on that side of the drive way. It is suppose to be over 100' tomorrow. I hope our neighbors don't call the cops because of the foul smell coming from our garbage ben. It should smell good and sweet by Tuesday when they come to pick up the garbage.


Lisa McD said...

Too Bad you threw them out. You could have waited untill at least Monday to see if Jay wanted them. (sorry Jay, had to say it.)

Mountain Momma said...

Mom told me Gpa could have 1/2 a soda if his blood sugar got too low, so she went and bought him some of those little 1/2 size cans! Now he can feel like he's had a whole soda! LOL!
Ewwww on the clams!