Sunday, June 7, 2009


I hate the hospital parking garage. Who ever designed it must be thankful he/she never has to drive or try to park in it. The first floor and a half is dedicated to "physician parking only."
The pathway to drive in is two cars wide-almost.

They have little tiny skinny parking places. You MUST be a parking place stalker (My poodle friend came up with that one) to get a place to park. Sometimes the people you are stalking have to put on their make up, call there friends on the phone, check the tires or figure out the seat belts. The long chain of cars behind you get very impatient after about 15 seconds. They start laying on their car horns. HONKKKKKKKKKK! It echos all the way to the top floor.

If you still do not move after a good 6 seconds of honking, the person behind you decided to go around on the left. The long chain of cars follow the person who is moving. The problem is the person you are stalking is trying to pull out, the people who are coming down the parking garage to leave and the person who wants to go around you all meet in the middle.

The people who are trying to leave and the people who are trying to go around you have to fight it out while you sit there and wait for a parking place.

Oh by the way, going to the top floor in the parking garage does not help. That is everyone else's idea. My technique is to drive to the 3ed floor, then head out towards the exit. Usually I can find a place to park on the 2 floor. I have only had to park on the 3ed floor once.

Oh well, once I park and see my dad it is all worth it.

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Mountain Momma said...

Mom very much wants to go visit, but she still has that hacking cough, and is afraid of giving it to him. She's going BACK to the doctor today. Problem is, they have never solved it, and I don't see them solving the mystery, because they keep treating it the same way! Please send grandpa our love! Tell him to get well soon so Titan can come sing for him!