Friday, June 19, 2009

After Two Weeks

I am home after two long hard weeks. I missed my husband, the doggies, Murray the fish, the emails and phone calls and writing on my blog. Have you ever seen a dog smile. Both of my dogs had huge smiles on their faces when I came home tonight. They were jumping around and running around the house -sliding on the wood floors.

My dad is home. I think many people would just give up and die after what he has been through. He is tough. He is amazing. The road ahead is going to be a rough one. Someone told me that if nothing else cancer teaches to you take one day at a time. I am finding this to be very true. Right now someone is staying with him so could come home. I am very thankful that is happening. But my dad depends on me heavily - thats ok. He has a list of things for me to do with him tomorrow. One day at a time.

I have so much to say. That will come later.

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