Tuesday, June 2, 2009


While we where sitting in the waiting room, we noticed another family (three daughters and a father) who had been there for a long time. We over heard there conversations, there were saying their mothers surgery was delayed because they had to take the pancreas completely out of someone else. (That would be dad) Dr. G (Dr. C's co-surgeon) came out to tell them there was nothing they could do for their mother. He gave her 2 months. The tumor had "fingers" and had spread all over. The socking part was that only one daughter shed a tear. I am saying A TEAR. One or two. Thats it. It was too much for me to handle so I walked down the hall to stand by the recovery room door.

Dr. G was walking down the hall I was standing in. I stopped him and introduced my self. He seemed to be very kind. He said the same thing that Dr. C said, that dad's surgery was difficult. He said dad's spleen was very "deep." He gave me his business card. He said there was hope for my dad.

They did not let us in the recovery room until late in the afternoon. We could only stay for a few minutes. Every time the door opened Dad would look to see if I was standing there. Dad wanted to go to Tahoe or Reno. We wondered if we had eaten lunch. He was not happy that someone had put rocks in his bed.

The charge nurse in ICU was very kind. The place was hopping. Not a single bed open. Even with all the tubes and IV's Dad was worried that we did not have dinner, who paid for the gas in my car, where my big brother was going to sleep, all those things.

I called the hospital to check on dad before I went to sleep. His nurse said dad was "very chatty." She also said they were having a hard time keeping his blood sugar under control. He is on a insulin drip.

This morning I called and nurse K said that dad had a good night. They had got him out of bed, but it was very painful for him. She said they had got his blood sugar on "target" last night, but it was going up again, so they were going to put him back on the insulin drip.

I will be going back to the hospital soon. I will let you know what is going on.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

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