Friday, April 10, 2009

Winchester House / Tiffany glass windows

A few weeks ago, my cousin was here from out of state. He wanted to go to the Winchester Mystery House. These beautiful Tiffany stain glass windows are from the house. Our tour guide look like he was about 15 years old. He was just over 5 foot tall. He talked very fast, he admitted he had to much coffee that morning. He was rushing us around the house, it was hard to take photos. Some of the people on the tour were getting a little irritated because it cost $26.00 per person to get in. When someone asked a question he did not know the answer. Mr. Speedy tour guide was off and running. I almost got lost because I was lagging behind trying to take pictures.

Legend has it that Sarah Winchester bought a farm house in San Jose CA on the advise of a psychic. The story goes Sarah Winchester was being haunted by the ghosts of people who had been killed by a Winchester gun. The psychic told her to keep building on the little farm house to keep the sprits at bay.

The little farm house became a mansion with 106 rooms and 47 fireplaces. The house is full of "easy riser" stairs because Sarah Winchester in her later years had arthritis. The easy riser stairs were hard for most of us on the tour to walk on. We kept tripping because the lift of the stair was very short and our leader was flying over them at a whirlwind pace.

The tour guide failed to show us the "spooky" things like the staircases that lead to nowhere, stairs that went to the ceiling, doors that you open to a wall or doors that lead to drop-offs. Sarah Winchester seemed to like the number 13. Legend says that's why she liked daisies. They have thirteen petals. Another design she like to use was spider webs.

My cousin was very disappointed that the tour guide did not talk much about Sarah Winchester being haunted by the sprits of those who had died using Winchester guns. My cousin thought the the tour guide was being PC by not talking about ghosts and Sarah Winchester.

None of the furniture was original in the house. I kept waiting to see a beautiful quilt on a bed. I was disappointed by the fact I only saw one and it was ugly at that.

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