Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank you - put me in the psycho ward

I want to thank everyone for their prayers. They hold me up and I know they help heal my dad.

I have been so stressed. First my dad's diagnosis of cancer, Mrs. F got married to Mr. F , Mr. F swore into the Army, back to the Dr. with my dad, then my dad had the procedure yesterday. Oh have I mentioned my husband had 7 teeth pulled and has been having many more problems then usual. Did I tell you I got a second job? All this in a week and a half.

Someone needs to put me in the psycho ward. At least I could rest, not cook and let someone else wait on me. I could talk about my feelings. I would tell the shrink that I am angry and sad and tired. How I am feeling a huge amount of loss. I want to cry much of the day. My head and heart hurt.

The doggies are so sweet. They have been clinging to me. ( I have not been home much) If I do cry the doggies and the kitty all huddle around me as if to give me a great big hug.

I know all the clich├ęs likes " life is hard, that, that does not kill us makes us stronger, I am building character, every cloud has a silver lining". Bla Bla Bla. They don't help.

My last thought for this post is that I am very thankful for my family and friends.

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