Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Apple a Day

Do you know where your food is coming from? The other day I was in Lucky's grocery store. I was looking for tomatoes. I checked the crates and boxes to see where the tomatoes came from. I noticed All the tomatoes that Luckys had come from Canada or Mexico. That is outrages. Why would I eat a tomato from Canada or Mexico. What the heck! California is tomato growing country. I said to the produce guy, why don't you have any tomatoes from California? He did not know, but he agreed that it was a bad policy to buy tomatoes from other countries when we have perfect tomatoes here . I left Luckys and went to Safeway.

Safeway had big signs with bold letters that said
"GROWN LOCALLY" at the tomatoes bin. So I inquired about where "locally" was. The produce guy said Reeding California. Reeding is in the other half of the state. So I guess Safeway figures local means California. I am ok with that.

I have a hard time understanding why people don't care where their food comes from. I am not just saying fruit and veggies. Don't you want to know where your beef, chicken or fish came from? Do you know about the conditions your food is raised in. Do you even care? Do you care if your meat and fish are full of hormones ? Do you care if your fruits and vegetable are sprayed with pesticides? People wonder why is the cancer rate so high? or why do girls develop so early now. I say take a look at your food source.

Concerning pesticides on fruits and veggies: Most people I know say they would rather eat pesticide then find a worm in their apple. Americans are squeamish over little worms or bugs. For many people around the world worms and bugs are a food source. Spoiled whining Americans.

In the last few days we have been hearing about a Listeria outbreak coming from cantaloupe. The Center for Disease control says that 72 people are ill and 13 have died.
If people knew their cantaloupe came from Colorado they would throw it away, so they don't get sick. Many worry that there will be more illness and death because people do not know where there food comes from.

The poor farmer of the cantaloupe has no idea how the bacteria invaded his cantaloupe. The Food and Drug Administration can't figure it out either.

Today I am hearing that a bag lettuce company from California is recalling lettuce. The pre package lettuce has been shipped to other states like Oregon, Washington and Idaho. They are concerned about Listeria.

Do you remember when pre packaged lettuce started showing up in local grocery stores? Do you remember how exciting and amazed we were with this new product that would save so much time, and it is already washed to boot! How convenient. I don't buy pre packaged lettuce anymore. I have come to love the smell of fresh romaine lettuce that I wash and cut myself. Cutting and chopping is a great stress reliever!

My gig a low says he knows his food source, it's me. :)

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Great post..!!
I buy most of the fruit and veggies at thw local outdoor vegggie stand....they know where it comes from...cause they go pick it up..!!