Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Day of the Un Dead

I am very excited. The Foodie sisters have invited me and my gig a low to a secular Halloween party! I bet the Foodie Sisters are going to go all out with the food! I can't wait!

I used to love Halloween. For most of my growing up life, I would start planning my costume for the following year on November 1. I won countless 1st place costume prizes. I enjoyed the wild craziness, party hopping and all that went with that.

After growing up, getting married and settling into our new house, our street would turn into the place to go in town and bring the kids. Our street became nightmare street. We would all decorate our houses and scare the daylights out of the families stopping by. Our neighborhood families would work together in a team. The house a few doors down and across the street would scare people down the sidewalk, I would hide in the bushes waiting. I would jump out the kids/families would run out into the street to make a quick retreat. When they turned around my neighbor woud be waiting for them. Everyone loved it. We had hunted houses, and friendly houses. We would have hundreds and hundreds of kids. There was not gore, or people with axes in their heads. One guy had an unhunted house were he would play scary music, get a on a loud speaker and say "come hither little children see what I am cooking" He was cooking a pot full of candy. He lost his house now it sits vacant.

Then I became a Christian. Thankfully they had "Harvest Festivals" or "Trunker Treat." I could still have a costume (just not a sexy or ghoulish one.) Over the years I have watched Halloween get darker and more gruesome. I decided that I was going to quit Halloween. So I did. Until this year. When I got the invitation from the Foodie sisters.

The other day I went into the Halloween store and I was shocked. Halloween has become even more satanic. It so blatant. Now instead of using your imagination as part of the scaring, the money makers who develop Halloween decorations have come up with bigger then life size animated dead and undead things, that walk, crawl, scream, open coffins, hold lanterns, chop at you with a knife. The creepy store had this real looking undead guy whose body had been chopped in half, he crawls along your yard (or inside your house.) As he crawls there are tendons and ligaments that wiggle, he screams. The most nauseating figurine was a life size "dead" toddler that was chewing on it's foot. The bones were protruding and it was bloody. Ok I had had enough I was getting out of there. I hope the Foodie sisters don't have any of those super scary real looking dead or undead things wondering around their house.

My next question is what is my costume going to be? Hi I am a sexy vampire Christian, some how it does not seem to work. Maybe I should be Virgin Mary. That seems wrong too. Being a hippy is boring. Toga, no. Little Red Riding hood, seems to sweet, unless I have the wolf with me. There is no way my gig a low will be a wolf. I told my gig a low he could be Slash from the rock band Guns an Roses . I could be a tattooed gothic woman. I don't know!!

I bet the Foodie Sisters are going to go all out with the food! I can't wait!

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ChaChaneen said...

I agree with you completely!

Hmmm, for costumes... how about something for couples like.... Elvis and Priscilla or Desi and Lucille or Steve and Farrah or Adam and Eve or Austin Powers and Vanessa..... I could keep going! ha ha