Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rhymes with Bucket

The other day I was talking to my big brother. He said that he was watching the comedy channel show with a stand up comedian.  The comedian said he does not have a bucket list, he has a F*** it list. Things he will never ever do in his lifetime. I found this hilarious. I started thinking, one could have a F*** it daily list, and a F*** it life time list. My F*** it list might look like this:

Today on my F*** it list :
  • The laundry
  • Making the bed
  • Water the plants
  • Making dinner
  • Worrying about the stock market

My life time F*** it list would be something like this:
  • Jumping out of an airplane for fun
  • Bungee jumping of any kind
  • Go to a nudist beach
  • Going under water to see Great White sharks in a shark cage
  • Trying to make another quilt
What would be on your F*** list ?

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