Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bacon Grease

My gig a low has gone bonkers. Yes thats right, recently. It all started the other day when I made BLT's for dinner. I used brandy wine tomato, heritage bacon, fresh romaine lettuce, and whole wheat bread. I fried the bacon crisp. We also had corn on the cob, and watermelon. Perfect for a hot September evening. ( Not sure if the weather was my own or it really was hot outside. I digress. )

Anyways my gig a lows job is to do the dishes. Later that evening I went out to the kitchen and noticed a glass jar full of bacon grease. I said to my gig a low, why did you put that bacon grease in the jar? He said I thought you might like to save it . I knew than my gig a low had forgotten this is 2011, he had drifted back to 1960 something. Why would I want to save it I said? Well I thought you might want to make something out of it because the bacon was so good. (I was right) What do you think I should make out of the bacon grease? I like it on toast he said, with a little butter. Bacon grease and butter.. What do you think I should tell the cardiologist, I asked him. 

All this bacon grease talk took me on a trip down memory lane when my mother used to use grease/fat to cook everything. When she was done cooking bacon or anything greasy she would put it in a coffee can, put the lid on it and keep it under the sink until she was ready to re use it. Recycling at it's best. We thought nothing of it.

Did your mother have "bad grease" and "good grease"?  I don't remember how they were different. I think in the year 2011 all grease is bad grease.

Today I bought a old cookbook. "The Presley Family Cookbook" By Uncle Vester (Elvis's uncle) and the long time maid and cook Nancy Rooks. Signed by Uncle Vester himself. I love this cookbook! One recipe title "Country Rabbit with Sweet Potatoes" says first boil the rabbit, than pour the juice over the opossum. Ooopps!! This cookbook could have a section just on bacon grease. Perfect!

Do I really want to get started cooking with bacon grease? No, because I might just like it.

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The hole truth said...

My hubbies family used to do this, but they are from Arkansas. Kayakerswife.