Saturday, September 24, 2011

10 4

It's Saturday night...I am board...just sitting here in front of my computer and listening to the police scanner. I have had the flu. It keeps hang on, I want it to stop it now, stop it now.. it keeps hanging on..

I wonder about my readers, like how did you hear about my blog? Why do you read it? (I am happy you do, I am just perplexed ) What is your religious beliefs, what kind of food do you like? No matter, what food is something we all have in common with one another.

Speaking of food, I just tried water buffalo mozzarella cheese. I am gaining a new appreciation for mozzarella. It is yummy.

I hate it when the cops use their cell phones. You cant hear what is going on. Transient compliant.
Even the police scanner is boring tonight.

This morning I was talking to a catholic friend. My friend admitted that she had not been to confession for years. I teased her about it, she said she confessed without a priests. I told her it was good enough, she did not have to see the priest. I felt convicted about teasing my friend, when was the last time I confessed any sin??? I have plenty to confess.

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