Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fond Fish Memories

All of a sudden my gig-a-low wants to eat fish once a week. I asked him if an alien had abducted my husband and replaced him with a look a like. I was waiting for the fake husband to unzip and the real husband to pop out. No, he is serious. He wants fish every week. He says he will be 11% smarter. I asked him if mercury makes him smarter? He ignored me. All this fish talk made me think back to my childhood.

Up until the time I was 14 I spent ever other summer in Montana. It seemed as though they never had fresh fruit or salad. The one thing I do remember is my cousin going to his secret fishing hole in one of those cold clear creeks. He would bring home a stringer full of trout. The fish were pan size. Part of my job was to clean them. YUCK! But my Aunt would take the cleaned fish, (head and all) dredge them in cornmeal, fry them up and put them on a big platter. Then she would fry up some eggs. I couldn't hardy wait for the eggs to get done. Those eggs took an eternity to cook. Once they were done, my family would start grabbing the trout! The meat was so tender, I long for fresh Montana trout with eggs for breakfast.

Oh well, back to reality. Fresh Montana trout is the only fish other than tuna I want to eat. I asked my gig a low if he liked fish sticks? He gave me a dirty look. I don't have a clue about cooking fish, or even what kind to buy. I asked him if crustaceans or shellfish would make him smarter? I know that abalone and lobster makes me 25% smarter, so maybe we thats what we should eat.

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ChaChaneen said...

ha ha ha You're so funny! You're right about that mercury though! When someone says Montana, it makes me think of Huckleberrys! I LURVE Huckleberry jam, well Huckleberry anything. Yummy!

When I buy fish I usually buy it frozen, it's less expensive. We like Talipia (white fish) or Orange Ruffie or in the fresh selection simply trout and catfish from the fish case. I dredged them in flour mixed with garlic powder, salt and pepper and then bake them in tin foil tents with butter at 350 degrees for 10 minutes or so. The length of time really depends on how many fish you are cooking and how big they are. The fish are done when the meat is flakey with a fork.