Friday, September 25, 2009

Things that bug me #1

Here is something that really bugs me. As many of you know I am kind of have ocd when it comes to washing my hands. It all started when I worked for the hospital long ago. Over and over they pounded into our heads that washing your hands could prevent all kinds vile germs and disease. They would test us on our hand washing skills. This went on for 15 years.

So here is what bugs me.

  • I notice when people don't wash their hands when they are in public restrooms.
  • Or if they wash their hands they don't do it properly. You are suppose to put the soap on AFTER you wet your hands.
  • If a doctor comes in the room and dose not wash their hands. I tell myself the must do it where I can't see them. Even thought most of the time I doubt it.
  • When people open up the door to the freezer and stick their hands in the ice maker to grab ice. I have never seen anyone wash their hands before they do this. I have seen it at work and and home. I think that is so disgusting. I don't want to have any ice after that, because I have no idea where their hands have been before they started molesting the ice. I also want to say that is why they have that gadget on the outside of the freezer. It not there for looks.
So I am suppose to say "what's the worst thing that can happen if people don't wash their hands before sticking them into the icemaker" I really don't want to go there. "What is the least that can happen when people stick their hands nasty hands in the icemaker" the germs will be cold therefore they will not multiple.


Mountain Momma said...

The other day, husband commented on how dirty the handles of the fridge & freezer were. I said "yeah, and you guys reach for food with the hands that leave that dirt on the handles!" HA! Don't case on me for not washing off the dirt, WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!

KARNA said...

well thank you for this important information because while I know its really really important to wash our hands more than ever before...I had NO idea the soap had to be on wet hands first. :) NOR have I ever washed my hands to get any ice out of a tray! (I'm seeing the new value of having an ice maker on a fridge..which I have had for years) BUT now I'm at my brothers and they have ice i'll be washing my hands befoe i get one cube of ice from now on!